Seduction is a Asian 2d horror-adventure puzzle game. A room in the temple is cursed for decades, only by offering a sacrifice can the curse be calmed.

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Playstation/Xbox/Switch –

A Cursed Room..

A temple’s room is said to be cursed by a woman for decades. Lee is ordered by the abbot to stay in the last room for 7 days which he unknowingly is being offered as a sacrifice in order to stop a recurring curse.


Seduction is a 2D horror adventure game that replies on solving puzzles and escaping dangers. Searched for items that are crucial for puzzles while some are well hidden. Escape from great danger and seek to avoid seduction.


– Seduction is a 2d horror adventure game.- Puzzles and mysteries to solve
– Play as a monk
– A story-driven adventure
– Beautiful environments and settings

Released in 2021

Published by GameraGames on PC and Eastasiasoft on Playstation/Xbox/Switch

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