About Noosphere

‘Noosphere’ is a first person horror puzzle game about ‘Personalities’. A man survived a car accident but to only found out that another entity is living inside him.


The player assumes the role of Vincent Moon who uses futuristic technology to dive into the subconscious of himself. A story-driven game with elements of puzzles and horror.

– Story-driven
– Puzzle focused gameplay
– A theme on ‘Personalities’
– Mystery and uncovering the truth

Released in 2021
Steam page
Published by Grabthegames on PC
Coming soon to Playstation/ Xbox/ Switch (published by Eastasiasoft)
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Vivian Z Quan / VVN

links –

Sound Designer

Quentin Singer link –

Voice actors

Vincent – Tuong Klein

Maria – Hannah Zivkovich link –

Doctor – Mark Lee link


Noosphere in the list of games to try on Gameskey in 2021

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