KOEX studio


My name is Choo Bin Yong and I am a full time indie game developer. Developing games for PC, Playstation, XBOX, Switch and Android.

Before turning into a full-time game developer, I was a freelancer and making short animated films.

With my games, I enjoy focusing on innovation and uniqueness.

Contact me at [choo5d@yahoo.com.sg]

Game Achievements

  • ‘Seduction’ – SEAGAMES (Southeast Asia games) LevelupKL 2021 Finalist 
  • ‘Noosphe’ – SEAGAMES (Southeast Asia games) LevelupKL 2020 Finalist 
  • ‘There Is No Tomorrow’ – Casual Connect 2018 nomination  (2018)
  • ‘Legendary Assassin KAL’ – IMGA nominee (2019)
  • ‘There Is No Tomorrow’ – Square Enix Collective showcase (2018)‘There Is No Tomorrow’ – Indiedb feature (2018-2020)
  • Articles and interviews
  1. CNA article
  2. IGN SEA article (There Is No Tomorrow)
  3. Asia one article
  4. IGN SEA article (Noosphere)
  5. Interview Red Hare Games
  6. Interview Luck-It

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